Friday, July 15, 2011

Of Economic Stupidity

The United States is the richest nation on earth.Why do we deem it necessary to borrow money?This question is probably late in coming, we have been borrowing for years.Is this an exercise to see how much we are worth?Or is it a way of spending money without accountability.I have read/heard of pallets, not wallets, but pallets of cash disappearing, and no one knows where they went.We can only guess what is going on as most of us don't have the proper clearance to get answers.Wait, hold on,this is our home as Americans.Why is it that the only people that "Uncle Sugar" feels the need to keep in the dark are his own constituency?We are the boss after all.We pay for everything that goes on here, don't we?These so called authority figures work for us.Before i get replies about shadow governments/conspiracies i want to say that i am aware of such things, but i am also aware that "we the people" are empowered to handle these problems.I think the time is NOW to start using our influence as that is what great men intended.Thoughts?